strapping on the runners

Any given day it sets it, if the sun is shining through the normal spring clouds and if the birds are chirping, I want to run. Running makes me feel alive. I sweat, breath heavy, move less swiftly than I image but I feel alive. This year is a little different. Currently being 38.4 weeks... Continue Reading →



It is day one of maternity leave for me and twenty one days away till the expected due date. It is the beginning of a new journey as we await this baby and also for me in this shifting of focus and priority. I enjoy waking up and getting started on something, really anything early... Continue Reading →

A chapter of a grander story

I watched from a distance as they stepped out in a very attractive faith, trusting in the midst of the unknown, choosing daily to live in grace. The struggle of life being outside of their control, leading them not only to faith, but three amazing young girls becoming their own. I got to be a... Continue Reading →

Focusing a new year

Every time we come to the close of another year I find myself eagerly thinking of all the ways to start fresh, start over or start for the first time. I hate new year resolutions, the goals that never happen, the unrealistic hype of new thinking, new motive and change of heart. I love dreaming,... Continue Reading →

Baby Bump

I have a baby bump, from the business of the summer and the anxiousness of trying to figure out if we were pregnant while trying not to get excited prematurely. Than our three days of waiting, blood work finished waiting for results, eagerly calling to result only being able to reach the answering machine. Day... Continue Reading →

Road trip continued

The ending of day 2 arrived us in PEI for the next few days. We spontaneous drove the rolling hills of the country side enjoying the sights as well as the constant changing of weather every ten minutes. After our second day and filling of lobster we, by suggest of our lovely waitress drove back to... Continue Reading →

Rest in discovering

Rest comes in discovering, in adventuring, in wonder and in wandering. Day one as we embarked on our 10 hours on the road, my feelings were mixed with excitement and fear. Excitement of the things we would discover, the adventure we were on, the moments we would share in conversation the enjoyment we would share... Continue Reading →

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