Its all in a word

You know those people in your life you look up to? The ones you wish you were a little bit more of. I think we all have them. In my life I can make a list of these people: those I model my life after those I follow on Instagram those I subscribe to those […]

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An advent of hope

As we sat in a circle recalling the Christmas story together, many voices spoke over each other wanting to be the “one” tell it, the shepherds came,  no, the wise guys,  the angel came to Gabriel, God told them to go another way, along with a few jokers they brought three cheese, cheddar, mozzarella and […]

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A new story begins

Her eyes flicker as a slight smirk slips from her tiny perfect lips in contentment. These early quiet moments are my favorite, as the sun just starts to dash a pink tinge across the city. She is only 6 days old, 6 full and eventful days that have passed in a blur. Just a week […]

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Baby Bump

I have a baby bump, from the business of the summer and the anxiousness of trying to figure out if we were pregnant while trying not to get excited prematurely. Than our three days of waiting, blood work finished waiting for results, eagerly calling to result only being able to reach the answering machine. Day […]

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Road trip continued

The ending of day 2 arrived us in PEI for the next few days. We spontaneous drove the rolling hills of the country side enjoying the sights as well as the constant changing of weather every ten minutes. After our second day and filling of lobster we, by suggest of our lovely waitress drove back to […]

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Rest in discovering

Rest comes in discovering, in adventuring, in wonder and in wandering. Day one as we embarked on our 10 hours on the road, my feelings were mixed with excitement and fear. Excitement of the things we would discover, the adventure we were on, the moments we would share in conversation the enjoyment we would share […]

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But the Lord sustains you

  For half the summers of my life I spent the majority of my time in an open field, planting, picking weeds, and harvesting oh so many vegetables which we than sold at a road side stand at a local family owned farm. My hands would always be stained a deep purple/red from harvesting beets […]

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At days end

I close my eyes to take in the fullness of my senses, baskets balls bouncing creating their own rhythm and song, birds chirping, the gentle hum of the highway traffic. I am exhausted, running on less than five hours of sleep after a 3 a.m. morning drive home after my brothers hockey tournament and helping run […]

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