Book club for one

I secretly would love to be in a book club, but I am a not brave enough to even think about actually joining one and so for now I continue participating in my book club for one.  Last year I set out on my first reading goal. It was simple, try to read a lot […]

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How to give

There is much to be said about giving this time of the year as November begins and Christmas approaches, the idea of giving seems to be turned up louder than any other time of the year. People suddenly notice the food bank boxes at the exit of grocery stores and the Salvation Army bell you […]

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Creativity takes many forms, from pottery, photography, fine arts to dance; painting, calligraphy, drawing, to videography, music and poetry.                                                         My creativity often takes its form through the […]

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White space

Stillness, boredom, silence; how do you feel when you hear these words.                       Stop.                                                               […]

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love your neighbor as yourself

I love grocery shopping, wondering the aisle, imagining up recipes, flavors and the process of creating food.  I love having a freshly stocked fridge, of putting together a game plan for meals for the coming week and attempting to try new things with food. Sometimes I go really cheep, the basics and try to get […]

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strapping on the runners

Any given day it sets it, if the sun is shining through the normal spring clouds and if the birds are chirping, I want to run. Running makes me feel alive. I sweat, breath heavy, move less swiftly than I image but I feel alive. This year is a little different. Currently being 38.4 weeks […]

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It is day one of maternity leave for me and twenty one days away till the expected due date. It is the beginning of a new journey as we await this baby and also for me in this shifting of focus and priority. I enjoy waking up and getting started on something, really anything early […]

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A chapter of a grander story

I watched from a distance as they stepped out in a very attractive faith, trusting in the midst of the unknown, choosing daily to live in grace. The struggle of life being outside of their control, leading them not only to faith, but three amazing young girls becoming their own. I got to be a […]

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