Stewardship, fashion and the struggle of getting dressed

Minimalism, contentment, stewardship, capsule wardrobes, and ethical choices in fashion; these words and phrases tend to be quite clique at times. They are attractive words and ideas; they are to often main stream and quite misunderstood. I think they often hold a selfish place of self-image in our lives and can be more about how we are perceived than what these words are actually about.

Minimalism, contentment, stewardship, capsule wardrobes and ethical choices in fashion are all things that have been of interest to me, resting on the back burner, at times delving into such topics for seasons only for them to be pushed again to the back burner. I have spent periods listening and observing what others have experienced and think via articles, podcasts and blogs.  I have used these things to process through my own thoughts on the topics, to educate myself in the areas I am only beginning to understand or think through. I have adopted small practices to experiment implementing them into my thinking and day to day.

Now this season, spring, when everything feels fresh and new and the desire to brighten and freshen up the wardrobe as the new spring fashion begins bombarding every ad every which way you look. Match this with a post pregnancy season and it makes things interesting. Not only am I surrounded by the new bursting colours of spring style but the majority of my closet has not been worn for the past 6 months and currently it either doesn’t fit or doesn’t allow for breast feeding and so it continues to take up room in my disaster of a closet.

Most mornings I spend time than should be needed picking out what to wear. I waste time being frustrated with how nothing fits rather than feeling confident in a few set amounts of outfits. I have tried to adopt a 5 min roll, of planning the night before and avoiding making emotional based decisions, yet it doesn’t seem to work with such a mismatched closer in this season.

This matched with having such a bad understanding of fashion and not knowing what my style is, along with a changing body it makes it hard to know where to start. Then there is my conscious, of being a good steward of clothing, buying second hand, not wasting money or always buying the new next thing and doing my best to avoid getting caught up in the rapid buying only to supposable “donate” only to replace it again days later. These things are tempting and are so easy to do without realizing the effect it has not has on the way you think about clothing, fashion and yourself. But not only that, it also has huge implications on the world we live in.

Fashion and style is constantly changing, rapidly. How you handle and think about clothing and fashion will not necessarily change these things, factories in Cambodia will remain open, people will continue to receive unfair wages, your solo choices will not bring about those types of changes, but what it will do is make you mindful and aware of these things instead of going about your life, selfish and oblivious of your world and neighbor. It will change the focus of your priorities from spending hours dressing to being less focused on that and focusing more on how this place a role in the world we live in. This doesn’t mean you throw fashion or style out the window, just rather that it is not the focus of your concern any longer, it frees your from being enslaved to it. It will create contentment, thoughtfulness and simplicity into this area of your life.


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