An eventful waiting room experience

We check in with the receptionist and enter the waiting room for Mia’s first doctor’s appointment; an elder lady greets us with a cheerful smile, so I settle down in the chair next to hers. Within seconds she is ohhing and ahhing over Mia, asking her old she is, what she weighed and making endless comment’s about how cute she is.

Seconds later a familiar face appears. A beloved Auntie who normally maintains a professional distance while as work hurries over, “I couldn’t help it”, she says,” I needed to come over and see her”. I unbuckle Mia from the car seat, expressing how glad I am that she came over and hand her over to Auntie.18034305_10101817129794931_7788798987809747880_n

The waiting room continues to fill up one by one. As each new person appears so do the endearing expressions, questions of her age and weight, I begin to feel slightly overwhelmed by the popularity of this child.

Daddy arrives and greets Auntie, relieving me from some of the pressure of the smiling faces around the room. Within seconds the elderly woman scolds him “you’re blocking my view” she says leaning to regain view of Mia. Chris quickly apologizes and moves to the side suddenly becoming aware of the many gazing at his daughter.


As Auntie and Daddy chat, elderly woman stands and bends down close to me. “Dear would you mind if I hold your baby” she asks? I begin to nod my head in agreement but she isn’t finished. “I’ll tell you why, my granddaughter was due to have a baby next week, but last week she died in a car accident and looking at your baby, I just want to hold her”. Caught off guard, I utter my condolences and assure her that she can hold my baby.

She eagerly stretched out her arms and for a brief few minutes coos and holds her close. As she hands her back she whispers, “You’ll explain to your husband later dear”.

Before I recover my thoughts our favorite nurse appears, also a dear family friend who quickly reaches out to embrace this waited for little girl. The waiting room continues to watch, seemly all in love with her as we get shown out of the waiting room to see the doctor.

Our very first, very eventful doctors visit.


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