A new story begins

Her eyes flicker as a slight smirk slips from her tiny perfect lips in contentment. These early quiet moments are my favorite, as the sun just starts to dash a pink tinge across the city. She is only 6 days old, 6 full and eventful days that have passed in a blur.

Just a week ago we were waiting, wondering, will it be a boy or a girl. Will I have a daughter or a son? Will it resemble myself or my husband?

Than Apr 10th began, at an early 5 a.m as I woke and thought, is this what contractions feel like? Will they last, is this it? Twelve hours, a doctor’s appointment, ultrasound, walk, haircut and Harry Potter movie later we were still waiting but there was no doubt that this child would be coming soon.

The big question, when do you go to the hospital? At what point, conveniently I had my sister (who is a nurse on maternity floor) on call every hour checking in and advising me. At 8 p.m when the shaking chills and intensity has increased we headed to the hospital.

Sitting in the assessment room they applauded me for timing it so well, I was at 5 cm and admitted. I held off on any pain medication wanting to last as long as I could.

I thought I would walk, use the jacuzzi but all I could do was sit on the edge of the bed, focus and breath my way through my body contracting. A dear friend’s advice repeating like a record in my head, relax your jaw, your forehead, checks, arms, hands, fingers ect. Chris kept encouraging me, reminding me that at any point I could get the epidural. As it continued to progress he offered to go get the nurse to which I responded every time, just one more. “You’re not competing with anyone” he’d remind me, as my one more always turned into one more.

After receiving the epidural my body relaxed in a way that I can only explain as the feeling of just getting out a hot tub and being ready to curl up on a living room floor to nap, so we did. The doctor broke my water and we were both able to sleep for a few hours.

As the early morning hours approached I was awake by myself. Feeling pressure but no pain, eagerly anticipating this baby’s arrival, 4 o’clock brought the next stage. With my contractions 5 mins apart I did not have to push for very long, 45 mins flew by as the doctor and nurse encouraged me and Chris gave me very real updates, “baby I can see the head you’re doing it”!

Than that moment, the rush, the cry, they place her on my chest, it is here.

Dad, what’s the gender?” I hear the doctor ask. Chris fumbles around “I think it’s a girl!” he says waiting for some confirmation to which the nurse laughs at him and confirms.

We have a daughter!


Does she have a name?” the nurse asks. Chris and I looked at each other, are we sure, “Mia Addison”, we announce.

Its official, we have a daughter, Mia.




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