An eventful waiting room experience

We check in with the receptionist and enter the waiting room for Mia’s first doctor’s appointment; an elder lady greets us with a cheerful smile, so I settle down in the chair next to hers. Within seconds she is ohhing and ahhing over Mia, asking her old she is, what she weighed and making endless... Continue Reading →


A new story begins

Her eyes flicker as a slight smirk slips from her tiny perfect lips in contentment. These early quiet moments are my favorite, as the sun just starts to dash a pink tinge across the city. She is only 6 days old, 6 full and eventful days that have passed in a blur. Just a week... Continue Reading →

love your neighbor as yourself

I love grocery shopping, wondering the aisle, imagining up recipes, flavors and the process of creating food.  I love having a freshly stocked fridge, of putting together a game plan for meals for the coming week and attempting to try new things with food. Sometimes I go really cheep, the basics and try to get... Continue Reading →

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