fabric land, fried chicken and a friendly encounter

I pulled on the closest shirt I could find to match the gray sweatpants, holes included, did the regular check to ensure my very pregnant belly wasn’t hanging out in between, pulled on my coat, throw on the sunglasses hoping it would fix the hair which I had done nothing with.

Just two things on my list, well three but I had already excused myself from one. So if I could just check off these two things, fabric land so I could finish a project and chicken to make a mean fried chicken tonight to impress my husband, than I could feel accomplished.

Walking up and down the aisle trying to find what I needed, I really didn’t want to be out. Final made it to the check out line behind a lady already waiting who made a brief comment about not knowing where anyone to help her. I acknowledged politely and tried to keep to myself as I glanced back at my phone. I am not one for small talk at the check out.

When are you due dear?” This time I stopped to looked into the face of the lady in front of me. An older woman with a sweet non rushed smile. “Monday” I responded, waiting for the shocked look that I am getting tired of seeing. “That’s lovely, my daughter is due next week as well. Is it your first? Are you feeling well?” she inquired? “Yes, it is and I’ve been feeling very good thank you. Is this your first grandchild?” I asked before my brain quickly went into extreme panic mode trying to recall if she had said it was her daughter expecting, or if I had just made a big mistake and insulted her. To my relief she responded with a bit of a chuckle, “Oh no dear, it is my sixth, but this time it is my oldest daughter.” Her eyes sparkled as I noticed for the first time her long smooth gray hair neatly pulled back into a vibrant young looking pony tail. “Each one is special though.” she said finishing her thought on her 6 grandchildren.

The check out lady than returned, this new found friend motioned for me to go ahead of her since I had far fewer items to  purchase. As I collected my bag she gentle wished me the very best. I smiled, meeting her eyes and thanked her before heading out the door.

Walking to my car I was astonished thinking of the mere few minutes, the meaningful friendly exchange and the certain difference between my walk from the car to fabric land compared to this one. As I headed off to pick up the chicken, I silently thanked God for that brief encounter that did wonders to my mind and heart. For needing to run errands that get me out of my comfort zone in little  and powerful ways, for fabric land, fried chicken and encounters with friendly, sweet faced ladies that are good for me.

A great pattern to sew your own nursing cover:  http://www.diaryofaquilter.com/2010/04/nursing-cover-tutorial.html

Best fried chicken recipe:                                           http://www.familyfreshmeals.com/2016/09/parmesan-oven-fried-chicken.html



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