days away

The count down continues.

We are now only four days away from the expected due date. It’a strange how for longs days come and go and a seemingly normal pace but than suddenly when you are down to the wire how slowly they can creep by.

I once read that the first gift a mother gives a child is patience. Patience to wait for their arrival, to remain calm and relaxed. Not growing anxious or frustrated, but trusting that the child when it will come when it is ready.

Some days this is harder than others. Arriving at the 39 week mark it seemed we were so close, it was bound to come any day. On the edge of my seat and wondering every couple of house when it will come. Only a couple days later I am much more relaxed and content, less anxious and restless expecting the arrival to be later than the anticipated due date.

9 months all accumulating into these late few days. The brink of change forever.

The beginning of a new life, the becoming of a family.

Contentment and patience in this moment is what I can give this child today.



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