It is day one of maternity leave for me and twenty one days away till the expected due date. It is the beginning of a new journey as we await this baby and also for me in this shifting of focus and priority.

I enjoy waking up and getting started on something, really anything early in the day. Setting goals, writing lists and checking them off as the hours pass. My struggle is staying mindful and focused when the “goals” are not quite so easy to check off a list or when it doesn’t sound like such a great accomplishment. As I enter this season I have tried to think ahead and yes, make a plan. I have written down all the things I can focus on to give me life and focus and this feeling of accomplishment.

Yet, what I am discovering is that in every season and in this season for me particularly God desires for me to be, to get over myself and to be mindful of Him.To be in His presence and to find my self fulfilled not just partly but fully in Him.                                                        Yes, He calls me to have purpose and reach goals and to strive towards things but all of these things come secondary to His desire for me to simple “be” with Him. To know Him more fully, to love Him more deeply, to be aware of His Holy Spirit in my life more than I focus on my list of things to do.

Mindful yes, but mindful of the One who deserves all our attention and adoration.

So I will continue to tackle my lists of books, documentaries, things to clean, organize and manage. But I am confronted by this challenge to place my focus and mindfulness on the One who is so mindfully aware of me, my tendencies, struggles for He is the one who knit me together in my mothers womb.





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