fabric land, fried chicken and a friendly encounter

I pulled on the closest shirt I could find to match the gray sweatpants, holes included, did the regular check to ensure my very¬†pregnant belly wasn't hanging out in between, pulled on my coat, throw on the sunglasses hoping it would fix the hair which I had done nothing with. Just two things on my... Continue Reading →


days away

The count down continues. We are now only four days away from the expected due date. It'a strange how for longs days come and go and a seemingly normal pace but than suddenly when you are down to the wire how slowly they can creep by. I once read that the first gift a mother... Continue Reading →

strapping on the runners

Any given day it sets it, if the sun is shining through the normal spring clouds and if the birds are chirping, I want to run. Running makes me feel alive. I sweat, breath heavy, move less swiftly than I image but I feel alive. This year is a little different. Currently being 38.4 weeks... Continue Reading →


It is day one of maternity leave for me and twenty one days away till the expected due date. It is the beginning of a new journey as we await this baby and also for me in this shifting of focus and priority. I enjoy waking up and getting started on something, really anything early... Continue Reading →

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