A chapter of a grander story

I watched from a distance as they stepped out in a very attractive faith, trusting in the midst of the unknown, choosing daily to live in grace. The struggle of life being outside of their control, leading them not only to faith, but three amazing young girls becoming their own.

I got to be a part of this story, a chapter and a half of a bigger, grander story.

A faith so admirable, there was something so attractive, so compelling about observing this family’s life.

The only way I know how to explain it is living into the great risk of pain and hurt trusting wholly in the grace of a bigger God to cover all.

Now here we are, six or seven years from when I first began to witness their lives.

Walking through the valley of death.

Death at far too young of an age, a child only five short years.

The risk of pain and hurt is no longer just a risk, it has come.

Yet the grace is greater.

She is free with her heavenly Father, made whole in body, mind, spirit and soul. It is well with her soul, for she is where she belongs!

The challenge for me personally in this is so real. Do I trust in this kind of grace? A grace that can cover, and not just cover but completely immerse something this hard?                     Do I dare to live into the risk of hurt and pain knowing that it will come? In many ways and forms and that grace will be my constant place of refuge in the midst of it all?

It’s attractive and admirable for me to watch in others, but will I agree to step out in such faith in my life?






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