Focusing a new year

Every time we come to the close of another year I find myself eagerly thinking of all the ways to start fresh, start over or start for the first time. I hate new year resolutions, the goals that never happen, the unrealistic hype of new thinking, new motive and change of heart.

I love dreaming, love to refocus and take time to think about the normal things in life that I want to prioritize more. Some would call this exact thing new year resolutions but I much rather not think of it that way. Some how thinking of it holds an expectation in my mind that it will not happen or that I can drop it when it gets to challenging.15802376_239671779794806_5310643760613294080_n1

This year as I sat and reflected on the past year I quickly realized how the business of ministry and the demanding little things easily pushed out other prioritizes and passions I had. Things like how I am never the one who calls my mom, it only happens if she calls me, or just how few books I read and how little time I spent thinking and writing. \

As I dream’t into the future I also realized very quickly that I am entering a year like never before. Personally it is going to be a year of much change and it will hold a very different type of rhythm and routine that what I am so used it. This reality helped me to focus and prioritized the things that often get away from me while keeping it very realistic and practical.

Few, simple and down to earth.

I am exciting for what this year will bring. I optimistically think I will have all the time in the world but know better that time will also get the better of me and so to be able to stop, reflect and refocus my heart and mind entering into this new season is not only encouraging and refreshing but sobering and helping me to understand the rhythms I naturally fall into.

Would love to hear the ways you refocus yourself heading into a new year whether it is new year resolutions or not.



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