Baby Bump

I have a baby bump, from the business of the summer and the anxiousness of trying to figure out if we were pregnant while trying not to get excited prematurely. Than our three days of waiting, blood work finished waiting for results, eagerly calling to result only being able to reach the answering machine. Day upon day, my fear was Chris getting His hopes up while He just eagerly wanted to be a part of every moment of waiting regardless of the results. Than finally in the midst of a extended family gathering, my pocket vibrated, I quickly checked the number and started moving away from the crowds to a quiet place and held my breath. “Hello”?

Than those words I had been waiting for, Congratulations, your result was positive, you are very pregnant.

A few hours later on our way home, stopped at a gas station Chris got back into the car handing me the receipt and visa card when I in a fantastic moment got to tell Him that He was going to be a Dad.

It’s an overwhelming feeling of adjusting your life to the knowledge that you are now caring a child being formed inside of you. The crazy amount of uncertainties that constantly flood our hearts and minds. Yet it has drawn us so close to the Father as we have to depend so closely on Him for so many things out of our control, ability and knowledge.

We are so excited for the journey ahead, it’s already begun and we are thrilled to have so many amazing supportive people journeying along side of us.




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