Road trip continued

The ending of day 2 arrived us in PEI for the next few days. We spontaneous drove the rolling hills of the country side enjoying the sights as well as the constant changing of weather every ten minutes.

After our second day and filling of lobster we, by suggest of our lovely waitress drove back to the soar to observe the most gorgeous setting sun over the blue ocean and red rocks. I also learned how to properly shoot a panoramic photo as I utterly failed in frustrated the day prior on the confederation bridge.

Day 4 and 5 we departed a fogged PEI and took the ferry to Nova Scotia and made our way to Cape Breton. We became well acquainted with fog as it seemed to be around ever corner and bend in the road. The depth and width and hight of beauty we witnessed was amazing from the rolling clouds to deep sea and valleys and hills covered in trees. Trying to capture it all with a camera was difficult, how unique our eyes are to be able to take in depth and distance.

Two solid days of driving, very bleak fogged and wet weather helped us to decide to move on a little earlier than planned and we headed to the closest Walmart which happened to be Truro. Our plans weren’t really working and it’s so easy for me to quickly be frustrated by this. Chris has a way of helping me through it and by making up a new plan.

New plan…..Bay of Fundy three days early. The number one thing on my list and for good reason. It was incredible. The whole way there I was trying to downplay my expectations not wanted to be disappointed in any way. I shouldn’t have worried, it was everything and more. The beauty, the bareness, the desolation, from the wet sand, cracks and walkways through the gigantic rocks to the height and majestic-ness of the rocks. We spent hours just sitting and soaking it all up. Another thing checked off the bucket list.


Day 5 ended arriving in Halifax where we launched into what felt like posh living.  From a warm bed, hot shower to fancy restaurants dinner. We were so blessed to be able to meet with and stay with a friend who in such hospitality welcomed us in his home and showed us around. Morning of day 6 we eagerly headed to the Halifax Seaport Market excited to be in one of our most loved environments of people, food, art, coffee and music. I quickly purchased a coffee and enjoyed people watching and taking it all in.  The rest of the day we explored different areas of the city from boardwalks, coffee shops and parks, enjoying very much  being back in a city.



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