Rest in discovering

Rest comes in discovering, in adventuring, in wonder and in wandering.

Day one as we embarked on our 10 hours on the road, my feelings were mixed with excitement and fear. Excitement of the things we would discover, the adventure we were on, the moments we would share in conversation the enjoyment we would share in our favorite packed snacks and listening to Harry potter. And fear. Fear of things going wrong, of potential frustration,  of boredom or restlessness.

Yet fear keeps us from rest, from embracing adventure and freedom in it.

As we reorganzied and prepared to bunker down in the back of the van for the night I reflected on the hours we spent in awe of what we saw, the miles we had covered through Kingston, Montreal,  Quebec city and into a small NB walmart parking lot. How in captivated concentration we listened along to an audio book and how in both in discussion and silence Chris and I shared precious fond memories.

Day 2 began as my eyes slowly open to the bright sun streaming in the car windows. My back cracked as I crawled out of the bundle of blankets the had kept us warm through a chilling night. I didn’t shower this morning (something very outside of my normal routine and comfort zone). Rather we simply switched to the front seats and drove to Tim Horton’s to use the washroom, brush our teeth, and grab a coffee before we hit the road again.

As we set out on the next 7 hours with only a final destination in mind we wondered freely into and out of small towns stopping whenever and wherever to discover. IMG_20160523_145526



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