Idle on the wall, or active in our lives

In the last 5 months of marriage, Chris and I have had many conversations, one that had begun even before your wedding date about life and the way we choose to live.

Thanks to some great people both single and married we were able to glean a lot of advice on living well. We have also been able to be blessed by books that focused on teaching Biblical practices and concepts in a way helped us to understand the practical side of how things can or should take root in our lives, and in our marriage.

It struck me the other evening when a friend of mine was over and was admiring our photos and quotes hanging on the walls. She read one particular quote and commented on how great it was and we spent some time discussing it. But the thing that lingered in my mine was the reason we hung this particular quote. 

Chris and I leading up to our marriage date desired and tried to be more intentional in planning for marriage than in merely just the marriage date. In preparation we read together a book call You and Me Forever by Francis and Lisa Chan (I highly suggest it to every single and married person, who desires to live for Jesus), a marriage book that we more about the kingdom of God and less about marriage. This quote hanging beside our wedding picture in our home is from a man, a husband that we came across because of this book highlighting his story.

The reason it is were it is in our home is because of what we desire for it to be in our lives. We have discussed it many times, pray it and seek to life it daily. When I struggle to find patience or love, I walk to my living room to read it, when I wake up struggling to get out of bed, I think on it and when I am tired at days end and become short or cranky, I am convicted by it.


But as my friend made mention to it, I realized just how much I don’t want it to be something that hangs in my home that people read when they are over. I want it to be something that doesn’t even have to be hanging there to be see in our lives because it is alive and noticeable in the way that I/we live. As individuals and as a couple. That it would effect the choices we make, how we make decisions,  how we spend our money, how we talk to one another. how we see others, how we understand this world and how we use and value the things God graciously extends to us in this life.

My prayer is that more and more this would be seen in our lives and in our marriage as we seek after God’s kingdom.




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