At days end

I close my eyes to take in the fullness of my senses,

baskets balls bouncing creating their own rhythm and song,

birds chirping, the gentle hum of the highway traffic.

I am exhausted, running on less than five hours of sleep after a 3 a.m. morning drive home after my brothers hockey tournament and helping run my sisters buck and doe, landing us right into Sunday morning church, lunch fellowship and  small group.

I desperately want to be sound asleep in my bed next to my husband who I am sure is already fully knocked out. Yet I sit watching the last of the sun set behind the buildings, the sky eliminated with colors of orange, pink, yellow and blue.

I don’t want to miss this sunset.

The beauty of the day even in the struggle of maintaining composure and open eyes through it all, the business only draws me deeper into wanting to stop and to marvel in this present moment.

Airplanes passing above with a deep long rumble,

the conversations of people 7 flights below arriving home in full conversation with one another,

Toronto skyline resting in shades of grays and blues in the last of the dim evening light,

Soaking up these moments of stillness of mind, body and soul. Observing and admiring the handiwork of my Artist in His nightly demonstration of grace in the oranges, yellows and pinks of the setting of today.

Anticipating the rest he provides in His ordained creating of day and night, of sun and moon, of rhythms and patterns, knowing His creation and providing all that we need.

Expecting the arrival of a new breaking light, a new morning, full of new mercies, new hopes, new dreams all making their way in my heart in the form of a new day.



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