Breathing deep

From the moment I got up I felt like I was just getting by, just managing to pull myself out of bed, just making it through my Wednesday morning workout with one of the mom’s in the community, just making do while trying to have intentional conversation with her. Just fumbling my way through conversations and relationships during mom’s program; lunch recess with the kids, leading my team and maintaining patience through disciplining at after school program.

At the near ending of a full day I got out of my parked car, Tim Horton coffee in hand, walking side by side with a young lady with who I was having my weekly coffee catch up with. As we walked across the soft sand of the beach towards to water I sighed deep and took a deep breath, realizing that it was the first time all day that I took that kind of cleansing deep breath.


All to often I am anxiously thinking of one thing after another, from one to the next in an never ending list of situations and events leaving me breathless.

Yet, when I stop

to breath in,


to breath in,


to breath in,


I am reminded just how small I am

and when I stop to take in the things outside of my head

I am reminded how big my God is

I need to remember to breath

to breath deep into the goodness of what surrounds me

deep into the sovereignty of His reign

deep into the creativity of His design

deep into His heart of love





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