From the dead end road to the city.

Having been born and raised in the country for all the early years of my life I never expected to at the age of 24 be making a home in an apartment building minutes from two major highways in one of the largest cities in the country.

Growing up having a backyard garden, all the room to roam in acres of farmers’ fields, and fresh eggs and milk from the farmer down the road taught me at a very young age some very simple fundamentals of live that I treasure today. Things like appreciating rain, working from sun up to sunset, and living in rhythm with the seasons. Of course there are many ways to learn these things but I appreciate the ordinary way of learning these things just in growing up surrounded in it.

It was a journey to getting where I am today, a journey much too long to explain in one simple blog entry, but we’ll get there some day. This journey moved me from my small town childhood home to Jane and Finch for a few months, then a year, and then another, till I permanently made Toronto my home.  Never did I imagine embracing and finding beauty in the midst of pavement and buildings which had been the extent of my knowledge of the city. Rather what I have and continue to discover is the untarnished beauty that can be found, embrace and enhanced.


Sometimes the beauty has to be found, found in places you least expect, found in between what normally assumes your eyes attention, found in brokenness. Some days it takes effort to find them, to choose to see where beauty lies. Beauty of nature, of people, situations, simplicity and design, I seek these things daily, hold them close and desire to share them in order to bring beauty to others.


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