But the Lord sustains you

  For half the summers of my life I spent the majority of my time in an open field, planting, picking weeds, and harvesting oh so many vegetables which we than sold at a road side stand at a local family owned farm. My hands would always be stained a deep purple/red from harvesting beets […]

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At days end

I close my eyes to take in the fullness of my senses, baskets balls bouncing creating their own rhythm and song, birds chirping,┬áthe gentle hum of the highway traffic. I am exhausted, running on less than five hours of sleep after a 3 a.m. morning drive home after my brothers hockey tournament and helping run […]

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Breathing deep

From the moment I got up I felt like I was just getting by, just managing to pull myself out of bed, just making it through my Wednesday morning workout with one of the mom’s in the community, just making do while trying to have intentional conversation with her. Just fumbling my way through conversations […]

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