Its all in a word

You know those people in your life you look up to? The ones you wish you were a little bit more of. I think we all have them. In my life I can make a list of these people: those I model my life after those I follow on Instagram those I subscribe to those […]

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An advent of hope

As we sat in a circle recalling the Christmas story together, many voices spoke over each other wanting to be the “one” tell it, the shepherds came,  no, the wise guys,  the angel came to Gabriel, God told them to go another way, along with a few jokers they brought three cheese, cheddar, mozzarella and […]

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Book club for one

I secretly would love to be in a book club, but I am a not brave enough to even think about actually joining one and so for now I continue participating in my book club for one.  Last year I set out on my first reading goal. It was simple, try to read a lot […]

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How to give

There is much to be said about giving this time of the year as November begins and Christmas approaches, the idea of giving seems to be turned up louder than any other time of the year. People suddenly notice the food bank boxes at the exit of grocery stores and the Salvation Army bell you […]

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Creativity takes many forms, from pottery, photography, fine arts to dance; painting, calligraphy, drawing, to videography, music and poetry.                                                         My creativity often takes its form through the […]

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White space

Stillness, boredom, silence; how do you feel when you hear these words.                       Stop.                                                               […]

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A grief filled reminder

Often we justify ourselves, we reason to ourselves why we do certain things and avoid others.  It is not until people or situations from an outside perspective challenge our attempts to comfort ourselves through our means of justification that we often are forced to come face to face with the reality. For me this came […]

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