Creativity takes many forms, from pottery, photography, fine arts to dance; painting, calligraphy, drawing, to videography, music and poetry.                                                         My creativity often takes its form through the... Continue Reading →


White space

Stillness, boredom, silence; how do you feel when you hear these words.                       Stop.                                                              ... Continue Reading →

A grief filled reminder

Often we justify ourselves, we reason to ourselves why we do certain things and avoid others.  It is not until people or situations from an outside perspective challenge our attempts to comfort ourselves through our means of justification that we often are forced to come face to face with the reality. For me this came... Continue Reading →

An eventful waiting room experience

We check in with the receptionist and enter the waiting room for Mia’s first doctor’s appointment; an elder lady greets us with a cheerful smile, so I settle down in the chair next to hers. Within seconds she is ohhing and ahhing over Mia, asking her old she is, what she weighed and making endless... Continue Reading →

A new story begins

Her eyes flicker as a slight smirk slips from her tiny perfect lips in contentment. These early quiet moments are my favorite, as the sun just starts to dash a pink tinge across the city. She is only 6 days old, 6 full and eventful days that have passed in a blur. Just a week... Continue Reading →

love your neighbor as yourself

I love grocery shopping, wondering the aisle, imagining up recipes, flavors and the process of creating food.  I love having a freshly stocked fridge, of putting together a game plan for meals for the coming week and attempting to try new things with food. Sometimes I go really cheep, the basics and try to get... Continue Reading →

days away

The count down continues. We are now only four days away from the expected due date. It'a strange how for longs days come and go and a seemingly normal pace but than suddenly when you are down to the wire how slowly they can creep by. I once read that the first gift a mother... Continue Reading →

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